Hello Old Palm Valley Neighbors,

Currently two of our lakes, the one behind Shell Bluff and the one behind Bear Pen Road are in need of maintenance. A tree has fallen into one lake, there are floating islands of vegetation and many plants are encroaching into the water from the banks.

Previously, if you lived on either of these lakes you were responsible for the property on your side of the lake and the other side of the lake too (the property lines run through the lake, see attached map). The Home Owners Association has determined that from now on we are responsible for the lake maintenance, including an easement around the lakes. **Please see portion of the Covenants and Restrictions below for clarification.**

The HOA has contracted with a company, Aquatic Systems, to remove the debris from the lakes and trim any plants that are hanging in the water on all sides of the lake. Any plants overhanging the lake will be trimmed to be 18″ above the normal water line. The banks will not be cleared at all as to maintain a natural look. All trimming will be done by boat and the debris will be put into a dumpster. We anticipate this happening in the beginning of October.

Please contact me with any questions!

**OPV Covenants section 2.2 which reads:
Certain Easments: The Developer hereby reserves for the use and benefit of the Association a 10 foot maintenance easement on the Conservation Area and that portion of each Lot which abuts one of the Lakes (the “Maintenance Easements”). Developer further reserves for the use and benefit of the Association access easements for ingress and egress (the “Access Easements”) over and across the easements as shown on the Plats which are capable of providing ingress and egress to the Conservation Area and Lakes. The Maintenance Easements are for the purpose of permitting the Association, its agents, employees and contractors ingress and egress to the Conservation Area and Lakes for beautification, drainage, and retention of water purposes as well as maintaining the banks thereof.
Also in section 2.3 A. The Association shall maintain the Conservation Area and Lakes in compliance with all requirements of all governmental entities with jurisdiction over the Conservation Area and Lakes.

Jennifer Blackman
Old Palm Valley Home Owners Association