Old Palm Valley

Board Meeting

August 29, 2019

7:00 PM

10033 Sawgrass Drive


Jennifer Blackman called the meeting to order @ 7:00 PM. Also present for the Board: Brenda Murphy, Tyler Toby, and Cecelia Harper. Carla McGill, Rita Friedman, and Tori White were absent. John Ewing represented Aegis Mgt. Tucker Davidson was also present.

MINUTES – Minutes of the June meeting were approved.

FINANCIALS – End of July: $29,973 in operating and $27,186 in reserves for total cash of $57,159. We can expect additional dues by year-end of approximately $3,147.

DELINQUENCIES – One owner is delinquent for this current quarter. One for previous years.

SOCIAL – The Halloween and Christmas parties are set. Christmas for 12/14.

WEBSITE – It is now operational. It will be for OPV owners only.

STORM DRAINS – The County cleared them all.


The Board chose Aquatic Systems to trim both ponds @ $8,295 since they are a lake maintenance company with that type of experience. They will be asked to proceed as soon as possible. A letter will go to owners to alert them to the process before it starts.


The Plantation manages the operation that controls the lake levels in the area that can be lowered in the event of a hurricane or excessive rain. They are paid twice per year totaling $6,243.


It’s tentatively approved subject to getting house plans, and the house colors and paver color.


Currently 7:30 AM is the allowed start time for contractors. However a resident in the cul de sac requested that the start be @ 9:00 AM to allowed kids time to get to school. Holidays were also requested to be exempt from construction. The buyer of the lot will be asked if these can happen.


It was noted that the railroad ties along the lake at the right of the entrance might be inspected for repair. A letter will be sent to owners requesting that all A/Cs visible from

the road be screened, that trash cans be put away after pickup, and that yards be well kept.

NEXT MEETING – 11/20/19 @ 6:30. The budget for 2020 will be adopted.

ADJOURNMENT: 8:20 PM – Submitted: John Ewing / AEGIS MGT, INC.